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 Conditions for use of images You must obtain my written (e-mail is fine) permission. This is so I can track where my images are used. My images are not to be used under any circumstances for any of the "Always Prohibited Uses" listed below or on any website related to those uses. You must give me credit in text near the image, including a copyright notice. You must not distribute the image to anyone else (have them contact me like you did). As a general rule I will give permission for free personal use and free non-profit educational use. I also approve of use in astronomical publications or educational magazines and/or websites. I do ask that you to request permission for any use so that I may keep track of the use of my images. Please describe your intended use in your request. If the image is to be used on a web page, please provide me with a link to the page where it will be used so I can determine if the use is appropriate for my images. Always Prohibited Uses Adult or Pornographic Use. Promotion of Religion or other Paranormal Claims. Promotion of Anti-Science, Pseudo-Science, Conspiracy, or other fringe activity. Commercial Use w/o permission in writing. Anyone considering use of my images for scientific purposes should be aware that the images seen here are not raw data and have been subjected to non-linear processing and aesthetic editing. This is normally done to reveal details that simpler processing cannot. Nonetheless, I believe these images to be a very good representation of the object shown and I have done my best to show the object as it really is. Some images may use "false" or representative color and are so labeled. All images and text, except where noted or otherwise obvious, are copyright William McLaughlin. You may contact me using the address cryptically displayed in the graphic below. I am normally happy to answer any questions about use of my images, imaging technical questions, and other astronomical imaging related questions. I am also glad to hear about any technical issues with my web page, such as dead or changed links, mis-spellings, or clear errors of fact. I will correct these as soon as I have had time to verify the error. I will not respond to any communications that are offensive or contain personal, religious, political, racist, anti-science or other harangues and/or harassments. The sender addresses of such communications will be added to my server-side SPAM filter for auto-deletion (meaning I will never even know if a second email was sent). Thank You William McLaughlin

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