Galaxy Theater Construction

Galaxy Theater is underway!

AC Duct Trench
It's rocky around here so big machines are needed.

Footings Pour
Doug and Ron of Integrity Developments pumping the footings.

ICF Block Stacking
Stacking the Integraspec ICF block.

ICF Interior
Inside the ICF wall.

Electronics bay room

Theater facing screen wall and main entrance

Theater with Soffits and Base for Riser (corrected fisheye view).

Theater Progress
Theater with stage and lighting in place. Acoustic panels, proscenium, and equipment still
need to be installed, wall color will only show between acoustic panels (corrected fisheye view).
GOM ready to go in bundle! Yellow LED soffit ropes are on.

Equipment Rack
Electronics bay room behind theater.
It is separated from the theater by an ICF concrete wall and two sound doors.
All in-wall wires emerge from oak panel to the right of the rack.
Note two recessed male 120V plugs - these are wired to the SW and PJ.
This allows regulated power from the AV rack to supply these via in-wall wiring.

Theater Screen
Theater proscenium framing, screen, and screen shadow box in place. GOM now on underside of soffits.
Just the projector soffit and wall panels to go plus insert speakers and cover proscenium with black GOM.
White LED soffit ropes are on.

Completed, after many months. JVC RS1 (1080p LcOS) and anamorphic lens are in place!

130 inch Stewart anamorphic screen